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1.Explain what Zewei's article from the week 4 reading was all about. The Zewei article is about how collision and integration of china’s Confucianism and the westerninternational law promoted china’s modernization. The article discusses in depth the journey and effort that china had to take for it to appreciate modern international relations and the international law. The article explains this in for sections whereby the first section explains briefly about the Chinese Confucian world order regime which is centered on the Celestrial Empire of china and the tributary system. The second section gives details on the blend between Chinese traditional confucianian and the modern international law on world order, international relation, foreign trade and treaty regime. The third section discusses the integration of the Confucianism of the Chinese and the modern international law, this included the introduction of the international law into china, the unequal treaty regime and the Tsungli Yamen that is the office on foreign affairs, the last section of the article gives a conclusion about the blend or collision of the western modern international law and Confucianism resulted to the Confucianism diminishing and this has allowed and improved china’s modernization2.

Callwood 1Estrella CallwoodIRLS221: International RelationsYukinori Komine1.Explain what Zewei's article from the week 4 reading was all about. Be sure toidentify the thesis and conclusions.The article “Western International Law and China’s Confucianism in the 19thCentury. Collision and Integration” written by Zewei’s was based on the wayConfucian’s saw the concepts of China’s Empire and the integration of internationallaw. The Chinese were looked upon like they were unable to maintain internationalrelationships that were initiated by the Europeans and international laws were setinto place because of the effects from the Opium Wars. This event cause the worldand its people to interpret China in an altered view. China allowed Europe to exportthis drug into its country which started the fall down fall of the country financially(Zewei 285-306) and because of this the Chinese government now had to followBritain and endorse the international laws.

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