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Summer is sneaking up on us and I know we will go a little crazy with the kids at home all day long this summer, so it’s time to get a schedule together. Part of this schedule needs to include reading time for the kids so they can keep up with their reading level from end of the school year. So I’ve made these cute Free Printable Summer Reading Chart & Reward System for kids.

If the kids don’t read during the summer, they might drop a level by the beginning of the new school year. Reading takes practice, just like any sport or musical instrument. I’m so bad at remembering to make my kids read during the summer and I’m sure some of you might have some trouble with this too. These fun printables will help the kids keep track of their minutes and help them get rewarded for all their hard work.

This pack includes a reading chart to keep track of their minutes, book marks and reading coupons for the kids to have something to look forward to. I hope you enjoy these as much as our family has.

How to use these free summer reading printables:

  • Have your kids read for 20 minutes, set the timer.*
  • When the timer goes off, have them color in one dot.
  • When they get to number 5, they earn a coupon.
  • When they get to the end, they can get a Grand Prize coupon!

*If your child is too young to read. Read books with them for 20 minutes and have them color a circle.

I made some fun matching bookmarks for the kids to keep their spot while reading too!

Click on the image below to download the page you want. When it opens in a new window, click on the download link in the top right hand corner, or just hit print. I’d print them on card stock so they stay nicer, longer.

Have a great summer full of reading adventures!

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My parents are both avid readers.  They can be found reading every night before bed. It wasn’t until my mom gave me a Babysitter’s Club book in fifth grade that I was hooked. My kids are just now getting to that point and I want to encourage reading as much as possible.

Every summer there are a number of programs with rewards systems set up to do just that.   Our local library has something every year too. 
Topping the list of fun summer reading programs:
Scholastic Summer Challenge
Barnes and Noble Summer Reading

I created a chart so my kids can have a visual reminder to read Monday through Saturday.  I will have my older kids read for longer periods than my youngest.  Each kid will get to pick an activity to do the following week if they do all of their reading.  This chart is pretty generic so you can adjust it to suit your needs.  The line next to Summer Reading Chart is for your child’s name. You can have them “x” out the boxes, use stickers, etc.

Download a summer reading chart.
For 30days subscribers and personal use only. Thank you!

What are some of your kids favorite books?


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