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Current event problem and solution

Raising individual awareness of current events, issues and problems is increasingly gaining importance with the increased use of digital communication. The best approach to handling a challenge is through adopting a well-defined approach that has been tested and implemented and the results proven to be positive. Therefore, understanding daily challenges is not limited to local knowledge but also global understanding of how such issues are tackled by other individuals. The daily norm is that individuals are faced with challenges and problems to solve, and decisions to make. Good and sound decision making is influenced by an understanding of the problem and the variables involved in the problem. On top of this, it is essential to understand the stakeholders impacted by the problem, and where and when the problem occurs. An analysis of the extent to which the problem affects the parties involved provides a deeper understanding of the problem and influences the actions to be taken.

Attaining a solution to a current problem is a procedure that involves gathering information pertaining to the problem. Once the information has been gathered, the specific situation is analyzed and the problem defined in preparation of solving the challenge. After the problem has been defined, the solutions are then generated. Multiple solutions are provided and evaluated in an effort of determining a feasible solution to the problem. During, the generation of the problem, it is essential to evaluate possible scenarios that have been solved and documented. This increases the chances for the solution to be feasible as it is evaluated in light of the current situation and compared to previous scenarios. Once the solution has been determined, it is implemented in solving the problem and the change is communicated to the proper audience. The process of problem analysis and solution acts as a foundation for teaching students the need for teamwork, and it helps independent thinking and contribution.

In conclusion, current event problem and solution is a dynamic process that keeps on changing depending on the nature of the problem at hand. The entire process enhances understanding of the past, the present and provides a prediction of the future. It enables a critical analysis of individual problems as well as problems around the world. Problem solving provides individuals with strategies to face daily problems either individually or collectively. Problem solving awareness enables students to focus on national and global environmental and social challenges and explore potential alternatives to the problems.

First Example:  In this example, my problem has one cause, and several effects.
I will solve the problem by getting rid of the CAUSE.

I. Introduction. Thesis statement: "Not owning a car has made my life difficult in several ways. I can solve all these problems by simply buying a car."

II. I spend a lot of time on the bus, so I'm often late - problem
         A. Bus stops every two blocks
         B. Bus stops and waits for drivers to change, people to get on and off, stops when passengers argue
         C. Often the bus arrives late

III. If I own a car, I will spend less time traveling - solution
         A. I will not stop at every bus stop
         B. I will drive fast if I want to

IV. I can't travel freely - problem
         A. The bus routes do not go interesting places
         B. The bus does not travel on weekends
         C. I hate depending on my friends for transportation

V. A car will let me travel freely  - solution
         A. I can go into nature
         B. I can travel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
         C. I can suggest to my friends that they accompany me

VI. Nobody wants to go out on a date with me- problem
         A. I am so embarrassed to admit I ride the bus
           B.  I can't pick up a date on the bus
            C.  If we ride the bus we will have a depressing date with no privacy

VII. A car will help me find love - solution
         A. The right car will attract the kind of person I like
         B. I can invite a date to go on a weekend trip with me
         C. We can have privacy to talk as we drive together! 

VIII. Conclusion: "A car will make my life perfect."

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