Sample Cover Letter For Fresh Graduate Tourism Australia

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Cover Letter/Resume Sample for Tourism Graduate

Telli Blink
P.O.Box 112, Nairobi
[email protected]


Mr. Rar Iily
Human Resource Manager
Cacuum National Park
45 Avenue
Nairobi, Kenya

Dear Sir

I am applying for the position of Tourism Officer as advertised in the Daily Graphic on 13th May, 2013. The job description of this position is a perfect match to my experience in the Tourism Industry. I graduated from the University of Nairobi in 2000 with a degree in Tourism and has since being working with Twifer Forest Reserves in Mombasa

Most of my work experience is in the area of liaising with local operators to promote tourism, producing tourism information through media advert, educating the indigenes on how to preserve the culture, constructing business databases through e-tourism platforms and organization special events to promote tourism.

With the vast experience I have acquired in these fields, I believe this position will suit my capabilities. Moreover I am a fast learner with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. I can also speak multiple languages: English, French, Ewe and Twi which gives me a clear advantage in terms of communicating with visitors and tourists.

I am excited about this position and will be happy to meet management to further discuss my qualification and experience and why I am the best candidate for this job.


[Your Name]

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