Social Issues Essay Spm About Money

Both government and individuals are spending a large amount of money for protecting animals and their habitat. This money should be better spent dealing with fundamental issues in society such as poverty and health care. To what extent do you agree?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


There is no doubt that, animals are illegally being hunted for food (plural of food is food since it is an uncountable noun.) and decorative purposes in many parts of the world, and to protect them from hunters, governments spend huge sums of money. Eventhough I largely agree that governments should prioritise this money to solve the issues of humans such as poverty and health care, I believe that the state has the  responsibility to protect animal species to a certain extent.

Admittedly, the primary responsibility of every government is to fullfill the fundamental rights of its citizens such as food, cloth, health care (Connect such as with fundamental rights. Moreover, food is not a fundamental right, … is to fulfil the fundamental rights such as right to healthy food of its citizens.). There are many people in our country who are deprived of food and unable to access quality health care. Furthermore ,unfortunately, poverty and health care are closely interconnected. This is because, when a member from a destitute family gets (use simple present tense) injured or ill, the entire household ultimately ends up with low income and high health care costs. For instance, the World Health Organisation’s statistics in the last year showed that the infant mortality rate and nutritional deficiency disease was higher in low income families than in affluent ones. That is why, many people favour that government should allocate its budget to give preference to mitigate the social evils such as poverty and famine rather than protection of animals.

In addition to alleviatingthese social issues, I believe that governments have the responsibility to protect its flora and fauna along with their natural habitat. To elaborate, we are unaware that a vast number of animal and plant species are dwindling in number due to poaching and human encroachment (be specific and leave no vagueness). Consequently, they are at the verge of extinction, and (are THEY leading to loss of biodiversity. Use a word that refers to “the verge of extinction”)this leads to loss of biodiversity which is essential for healthy and functional ecosystem. Moreover, these plant and animal species are vitally important to prevent epidemics and to protect the public from diseases. For example, a lot of vaccines are derived from the chemicals produced by animals. Therefore, wildlife conservation programmes and management of financial resource for animal protections also need attention.

In conclusion, it is believed by some that animal protection campaigns and programmes are given wide preferences by authorities. I strongly believe that a government should bestow more importance to the health and poverty of its citizens, however governments practices to protect the endangered species should not be underrated.

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Drugs at school

Here are the points that your friend has written about:

  • why drugs are such a big social problem
  • his opinion on taking drugs and the reasons for his opinion
  • what could be done by the government to stop the problem in the future
  • what he will do in school to try to help stop the problem in the future

Salut Ryan,

De nos jours, le problème de la drogue devient plus grave parce que beaucoup de gens pensent que c’est cool si on se drogue. Dans les fêtes, il y a souvent des gens qui fument du cannabis ou qui prennent de l’ecstasy. Beaucoup de jeunes disent que les drogues leur donnent du courage et qu’ils se droguent pour oublier leurs problèmes ou pour se détendre.

Parmi mes amis, les drogues sont populaires, mais selon moi, elles sont dangereuses. Mes amis ne pensent qu’à fumer du cannabis quand nous sortons. Moi, je ne comprends pas ça. Pour s’amuser, il n’y a pas besoin de se droguer. Je n’ai jamais pris de drogues parce qu’à mon avis, c’est un gaspillage d’argent.

Il faut absolument combattre le problème de la drogue chez les jeunes et le gouvernement pourrait faire beaucoup plus, mais il faut persuader les politiciens de faire quelque chose. Le gouvernement pourrait dépenser plus d’argent pour sensibiliser les jeunes aux risques de la drogue.

Au lycée, je parlerai avec mes amis des risques que représentent les drogues. Je voudrais dissuader les étudiants de prendre de la drogue dans les fêtes.

Est-ce qu’il y a un problème de drogue dans ton collège ?

À bientôt,



Hi Ryan,

Nowadays the drugs problem is becoming more serious because lots of people think that it’s cool if you take drugs. At parties there are often people who smoke cannabis or take ecstasy. Lots of young people say that drugs give them courage and that they take drugs to forget their problems and to relax.

Among my friends drugs are popular but for me they are dangerous. My friends only think about smoking cannabis when we go out. Me, I don’t understand that. To have fun there is no need to take drugs. I have never taken drugs because in my opinion it’s a waste of money.

It’s absolutely necessary to fight the drugs problem among young people and the government could do lots but we have to persuade politicians to do something. The government could spend more money to educate young people about the dangers of drugs.

At school I will talk to my friends with regards to the dangers of drugs. I would like to discourage students from taking drugs at parties.

Is there a drug problem at your school?

See you soon,


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